Professional reference letter - Cooperative purchase

October 31, 2007

Re: 25 Merriam Ave, #43I, Bronx, NY 11110

Dear Board Members:

I’m writing in strong support of Elizabeth Warsteiner’s application to purchase an apartment in your building.

I have known Elizabeth since 2002 when we became colleagues at TPS Inc. It was quickly apparent that Elizabeth is a smart, thoughtful and very successful person who had the respect of both colleagues and management of the company.

Elizabeth possesses great integrity, compassion and responsibility. I know that I can trust Elizabeth with any issue, whether professional or personal.

I have no doubt that Elizabeth will be a friendly and considerate neighbor and quickly become an invaluable member of your community.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my comments further. I’m based in Nashville, Tennessee and can be reached directly at (555) 555-4562.


Grace Wilson,
Senior Production Controller

TPS Inc, TPS drive,
Nashville, TN,
(555) 555-4562