Freehold Land Sale Contract and Special Conditions


Incorporating the Standard Conditions of Sale (Fifth Edition)




: Ostap Ibrahim Suleiman Bender of 12 Chairs Lane, London, SE11 4QE
As Personal Representative for Ippolit Matthew Sparrow.


: Rev. Feodor John Vostrikoff of 41 Candle Grove, London SE15 3JP


: ALL THAT Freehold land to the rear of 13 Samara Avenue, Knightsbridge as the same is registered at Land Registry with Title

Title number / root of title

: KB119244

Specified incumbrances

: As set out in the Property and Charges Registers of the Sellers' title excluding any financial charges (if any).

Title guarantee (full / limited)

: Limited

Completion date


Contract rate

: The Law Society's approved interest rate

Purchase price (in words)


Purchase price (in figures)

: £ 19,500.00


: £

Chattels price (if separate)

: £


: £ 19,500.00

The Seller will sell and the Buyer will buy the Property for the purchase price.


This is a formal document, designed to create legal rights and legal obligations.

Take advice before using it.




  1. (a) This contract incorporates the Standard Conditions of Sale (Fifth Edition). Where there is a conflict between those conditions and this Agreement, this Agreement prevails.
    (b) The terms used in this contract have the same meaning when used in the Conditions.

  2. Subject to the terms of this contract and to the Standard Conditions of Sale, the seller is to transfer the property with either full title guarantee or limited title guarantee, as specified on the front page.

  3. The chattels which are on the property and are set out on any attached list are included in the sale and the buyer is to pay the chattels price for them.

  4. The Property is sold with vacant possession.

  5. In the event of the deposit actually paid on exchange of contracts being less than 10% of the purchase price the balance shall nevertheless at all times remain due to the Seller and in the event of rescission or failure to complete the purchase or sale otherwise than by default of the Seller such balance of deposit shall be due to the seller and shall be recoverable as a debt.

  6. If either party shall fail to complete on the Completion Date then without prejudice to any other rights or remedy of the parties hereunder the defaulting party shall indemnify the other party against all costs claims liabilities and expenses reasonably incurred by the other party in consequence thereof including the costs disbursements and VAT of the other party's solicitors incurred in consequence thereof with a minimum payment of £100 plus VAT towards the preparation and service of a notice to complete.

  7. Conditions 6.1.2 of the Standard Conditions shall take effect as though the time 1.15 p.m. were substituted for the time 2.00 p.m.

Seller's Solicitors: Summers & Co of 54 Mosquito Way
Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 9AZ
Ref: /PB/BENDER/77/12
Buyers: Rev. Feodor John Vostrikoff
41 Candle Grove,
London SE15 3JP